Focused on delivering the best possible life outcomes, to all.


Our mission

Access to world class cancer treatment for everyone

We believe the best treatment options should be available to all and direct our funding to patients who are experiencing financial hardship or due to changed circumstances don’t have sufficient funds to continue treatment.

Through consultation with experts who have access to the full suite of resources available for cancer care, we financially assist patients with the most appropriate treatment specific to their needs.

The Challenge

Helping those in need

A cancer diagnosis is a very challenging time for an individual, their family and friends. Treatments can come at a cost beyond the reach for many families, adding to the personal and financial strain.

  • We are an independent charity
  • We provide support to the patient and families
  • We provide access to the best treatment options


The CyberKnife® System uses state of the art robotic technology combined with real-time image guidance to deliver precisely targeted radiation to cancerous and non-cancerous lesions almost anywhere in the body.

  • Clinically proven to be effective
  • Non-invasive and pain free
  • Most treatments typically last 30 – 60 minutes


Andy’s message

I am so grateful I came across CyberKnife® treatment for prostate cancer and would encourage all men to have regular check-ups and carefully consider all treatment options available.

I am still absolutely gob smacked by the 5D Clinics Foundation’s life changing contribution to my wellbeing.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Make a difference

Change a patient’s cancer journey

Funds go directly towards treating patients and their cancer journey.

  • Support for personalised treatments
  • Gives hope for a cancer-free future and will be utilised for a range of cancer treatments
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Our Partners

We would like to sincerely thank our corporate partners and the many individual donors for their support and commitment to 5D Clinics Foundation.